Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HUGE CVS Sale + Haul

Hellooooo thar! =D

CVS is having another one of those humongo sales where select items are 50% or 75% off. These are generally items that will be discontinued, so not only will it be a good chance to try new stuff for cheap cheap cheap, but also grab some stuff before they're gone forever! And ever! AHHHH!!!!

So items on sale include (but are not limited to):

Sally Hansen (lipsticks, nail polish, etc)
L'oreal (Liquid foundation, pigments, etc)
24.7 Minerals (ENTIRE LINE)
Milani (Lipgloss, liquid foundation)
Rimmel (Mascaras, liquid foundation, lipgloss)
NYC (Mosaic eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers)

Here are a swatches of some of the items I purchased:

Sally Hansens' Soft Orchid on the left and Perfect Pink on the right. I do NOT like these so far. Beautiful swatches but they don't apply evenly to the lips. Still doesn't look right after blotting with a piece of tissue. Hopefully I can still make these work for me.

L'oreal HIP pigment in 228 Striving on the left, 244 Beckoning on the right. Color has been washed out by flash, and appear much brighter in person. You can see how gritty and uneven they apply with one swipe though.

Again, these are first impressions, not thorough reviews.

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