Sunday, March 14, 2010

I avoided being sick! :D

I always get sick a few times each school term even when I thought I ate fairly balanced meals and that I was not anymore exposed to germs than I usually was. Funny thing is, it only happens when I'm at school. I almost never get sick when I'm at home where my mommy takes care of me x]. I think I had it the worst last quarter, where I got sick about 4 times consecutively. Consecutively meaning I'd get sick, and almost get better completely, but only to get sick again. Four times. Boy was it frustrating. As if school was not draining enough of my energy, I certainly did not need to get sick!

This quarter however, I haven't gotten sick once and it feels marvelous! Finals are right around the corner and I've gotten some sniffles now and then, but I've never had to pop pills to get me going. I look back at what I've done differently, and honestly it's only one thing. I've eaten significantly more fruits this quarter. At the beginning, I'd head over to Safeway to grab bags of fuji apples, which were on sale for $3/3lb bag for a while. I've gone through 3 bags of those lol. The apples towards the ends started getting kinda nasty, as if they were picked before they were ripened and yeah...pretty bad. I've also gone through a few boxes of strawberries. Store bought strawberries are always super sour or flavorless, but I figured they were still good for me. Just to let you guys know, the brighter the fruits, the better they are for you. For example, blueberries win against apples. Back to the strawberries, I'd combat their lack of sweetness by eating them with a bit of sugar. I also bought grapes at one point, and ate tons of oranges and bananas that I brought from home. I've gone through a box of Cuties clementines. I am so proud of myself.

For any other struggling college students like myself, you know that produce is expensive, especially at what I call Caucasian markets. Places like Safeway, Lucky's, Savemart, etc. I grew up getting my produce from Chinatown so naturally I'm astounded by the ridiculous price difference. Before, I'd only get my fruit from home, but there is only so much I could bring up. I guess this quarter, I've been perusing the produce aisle more frequently, and ever so often, I'd catch something on sale. All the fruits that I mentioned before that I had purchased myself, I got on sale. Sale, not as in 50 cents cheaper than the usual price, but at least 1/2 the usual price lol. For example, these strawberries I'm munching on right now are $1.50/box at Safeway. Hmm I should have looked at how heavy the box was. I want to say 1 pound. Maybe 12 ounces (16 oz = 1 lb). Beats munching on Doritos like I did two weeks ago lol. It gave me one of the most painful canker sores I've had in a while. Oh! I just realized something! I'm somewhat prone to canker sores, and I've only gotten one this quarter! Le gasp. And like I said before, that was when I ate half a bag of Doritos in one sitting. Talk about fail. Hahaha.

So the moral of this blog? Eat your fruits (and vegetables)! It really does make you feel better overall. I know we hear crap like this all the time. You got your mother nagging and your teachers nagging and now you got me nagging and you already know that fruits and veggies are good for you. Well, so did I, but the feeling of experiencing the magic for yourself--you'll feel like a changed person. So, what are you waiting for? Go get some some fruits!

(My desk is too cluttered to keep all the distractions out of the way lol)

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    btw, i LOVE stawberris with sugar hahhaa