Monday, September 9, 2013

First Look: NEW Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

The new line of Make Up For Ever Artisan brushes launched Thursday, September 5th.  Exactly one week before, MUFE boutiques had a flash sale on these brushes and offered a 50% off discount to pro members that purchased 10 or more brushes.  Since I could not make it to a boutique that day, I placed a phone order with the Los Angeles store.  I had a hell of a time getting the brushes and I'm still in the process of trying to fix the order, but I will have to save that for another post when everything has been resolved.

Anyways, let's turn our attention to the brushes, shall we?  The new line of MUFE artisan brushes are made from synthetic fibers.  Each brush has a chiseled end to make scooping out products easier.  I have been told from one of the MUFE makeup artists that the new line will replace the old line of brushes, which will slowly fade away as they sell out.

Listed below are the 10 brushes I ordered.  The descriptions are from Temptalia, where you can read about the full range of brushes.

  • 3 x #226 - Medium shader brush ($25)

    • Type of fibers: Straight
    • Description: A medium, flat, tapered brush that is thicker at the bottom and slimmer on top. Its width is used to quickly apply and blend all types of eye products on the eyelids and brow bone with moderate to intense product payoff.
    • Recommended textures: Creams, loose and compact powders.

  • 1 x #134 - Powder fan brush ($46)
    • Type of fibers: Wavy
    • Description: This large, rounded, fan-shaped brush with supple, yet firm wavy fibers is most often used to enhance the neckline and illuminate the face by sculpting light and shadows. It can also be used to remove excess powder from the face and body.
    • Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
  • 1 x #150 - Precision blush brush ($52)
    • Type of fibers: Wavy
    • Description: A very firm, supple brush that is beveled to sculpt the face with precision. This professional tool can be used to sculpt and transform the face using shading and highlighting.
    • Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
  • 1 x #156 - Flat round blush brush ($37)
    • Type of fibers: Wavy
    • Description: Classic flat and rounded brush adapted for all types of blush application. Its flexibility makes it easy and quick to create a healthy, natural looking glow.
    • Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
  • 1 x #270 - Angled eyebrush ($21) 
    • Type of fibers: Straight
    • Description: A short and firm angled brush that is used to fill in eyebrows with precision, as well as blend brow pencils for a natural result.
    • Recommended textures: Creams pencils, compact powders.
  • 1 x #106 - Medium foundation brush ($36)
    • Type of fibers: Straight
    • Description: This is the classic “foundation brush” used by make up enthusiasts. It is a small, tapered, flat brush with wide bristles ideal for applying and blending cream or liquid foundations accurately and quickly for an even result all over.
    • Recommended textures: Cream and liquid foundations.
  • 1 x #128 - Precision powder brush ($52)
    • Type of fibers: Straight & Wavy
    • Description: Long and flat brush with a tapered tip designed mainly for use on the face, neck and upper shoulders. Ideal for precise powder application with a flawless result thanks to its layered and oval head.
    • Recommended textures: Loose and compact powders.
  • 1 x #152 - Medium highlighting brush ($37)
    • Type of fibers: Wavy
    • Description: This medium, supple, rounded brush is a basic tool used to highlight the face and body. Its shape and soft fibers offer generous product collection for moderate to high payoff.
    • Recommended textures: Creams, gels, loose and compact powders.
For now, I'll only show you pictures of the brush I am keeping:

L-R: 226, 152, 150, 156, 106, 128

First Impression:
The brushes themselves look very professional and sturdy.  I can't say I'm completely pleased with how they feel, however.  All the bristles feel very smooth and soft.....and fake.  I'm not sure how to describe it but something just feels a little off.  128 and 152 feel much too soft and not nearly dense enough to pick up and apply powder.  106 is soft to the touch but I have a feeling that it will leave streaks when put to use for liquid or cream foundation.  156 is wonderfully dense but so very small for an angled face brush.  152 is the most impressive of the bunch because it seems promising for liquid and powder products.  226 is the one of the biggest disappointments of the bunch.  I ordered three of them thinking they would be exactly like MAC's 239 flat shader brush, yet it looks more like a concealer brush as the bristles are much longer.  

As you can see, 134 and 270 are not pictured in this post.  Why?  134 was not sent to me at all, and 270 is simply unusable so I am sending it back.  Again, I hope to get this issue resolved soon so that I can write a complete blog post about this experience.  Overall, I am pretty unhappy about the brushes, and I'm hoping that they perform better than they feel.  I NEVER buy new products before doing my research first, but I made an exception this time because I expected the best from Make Up For Ever.

Since I can't return the other brushes, I'll wash them and test them out very soon.  Do look forward to seeing reviews on this blog.

What do you guys think of the brushes?  Would you purchase any? And if so, would you guys be interested in a mini post on tips and things to look for when placing a phone order? Let me know!

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  1. I purchased #150 (angle brush) and really liked it, I think MUFE did a smart move going to the synthetic fiber route as more and more people want cruelty free makeup product. I will wait before purchasing another brush just want to make sure they are durable. But i'm impress with the selection, Next on my list the tapered eyeshadow brush (still looking for a MAC 226 dupe) and a flat face brush.