Friday, August 23, 2013

Makeup Forever Boutique, Los Angeles (Picture heavy)

I went down to Los Angeles last month road tripping with friends.  I knew that one of the places I absolutely had to stop by was the Makeup Forever Boutique near West Hollywood.  Then, it was the closest MUFE boutique to my location in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A couple weeks ago, a new location opened in San Jose, and you bet your socks I'll be checking out that location too.

Anyways, I was too excited and enamored with all the products so I left the picture taking to my friend's boyfriend.  Next time I'll be sure to take pictures myself just so I know to categorize the different products.  Still, there are some good product pictures here that I'd like to share with everyone.

These Aqua Rouge lip stains launched a few weeks ago.  They're the kind of product where you stain your lips with color and then put a clear gloss over it.

I really wanted to get some lipsticks but I didn't find any colors that I didn't already have and wanted.  I did pick up a bunch of lip liners though.

My friend was shopping for a foundation so I was educating her about stuff, hahahaha.

Pencil eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, and eyeshadow pencils.  Don't you want them all?

Why hello there, eyeshadows......

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun.  My wallet cried for help that day though.  If you want to know what's in that humongous MUFE shopping bag, stay tuned!  That's coming up soon!


  1. Whaaaaaat, there is one in San Jose now!? I've only been to the one inside of Sephora in Las Vegas. It got a pretty good sized chunk of the store, but even so this looks much larger! I love my MUFE Face and Body Makeup, but I'm hoping to find a better color match than what I have. My hope is that the boutique carries more shades than Sephora, although this may or may not be the case...

    1. Yeah! Awesome, right? I'm heading there Wednesday so I'll take pics of the F&B Foundation shades available for ya!