Sunday, July 22, 2012

My First Hair Show Competition! (Pic heavy)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I've been talking a lot about this competition in my past few posts, but never actually posted the pictures to show you guys!  Sorry!  Here's the gist of it:  A local hairshow was holding student competitions for anybody who is not yet a licensed cosmetologists.  Students work in teams, with each team consisting of one hairstylist, one makeup artist, one nail technician, and one model.  The theme was Hawaiin Fantasy: Earth, Wind, and Fire.  During the competition, teams have one hour to complete the look.  Hairstylists may prep the hair by setting it in rollers before the competition, and the nail technician may glue on tips or form the acrylic nails beforehand as well.  Makeup artists.....can't do jack.  Not even foundation.  During the competition, hair, makeup, and nails must be worked on simultaneously.

Needless to say, I did the makeup.  My team decided to go for a Volcano theme, and we wanted to make the entire look as extravagant as possible.  We were told that we would be judged so, even though the emphasis was on nails, makeup, and hair.  The hair stylist went for banana peeled hair, but added more elements after I overheard my teacher saying that we would be judged on the five elements of design present in the hair style.  The nail technician used long, sparkly tips adhered with acrylics.  On them, she placed different sized rocks, some red rhinestones, and some red nail polish in between the rocks to resemble flowing lava.  For the makeup, we agreed to go for something dark, and steer away from beautiful, everyday makeup.  I drew inspiration from fire that burns bright, but at the same time leaving charred bits behind.  However, I still wanted to show that I wasn't simply face painting, so I used neutral colors on one eye, but with Arabic style eyeliner.  I also added lots of gold and red pigment fall out to match the theme.

Doing prep work.  From left to right: Rachell (nail tech), Taniel (model), Kim (hair stylist)

After the judging and competition had taken place.

One of our rival teams

The 3 models from the 3 different teams in the competition

Check out those crazy red contacts!

The other rival team

My team with our head instructor, Ms. Thomas

Check out these wicked nails!

People crowded around Taniel to ask if her hair was real, how her nails were done, and if they could
take pictures of her.


I was screaming my head off with joy.

Proud and with one of our other instructors.

Prize:  A set of foundations.

We had a few complications with the process, but luckily enough we were able to make do.  First off, the model was an hour and a half late--the nail tech and hair stylist had to get her prepped in 30 minutes as opposed to the original 2 hours.  The foil originally adhered to the gown with moss, flowers, and rocks glued on it started ripping, so I tied the red material around her waist to hide it.  The red material was originally supposed to be constructed as a veil.  In the end the foil fell off completely.  At least her overall look was still coherent!  There was also a cup of dry ice on her head which bubbled nicely until right before the judges started the judging so we didn't get the points for that.  All in all, it felt really good to win because my team and I had spent so much time preparing and visualizing the final outcome.  

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!  I know it was lengthy but I wanted to make be thorough.  Can't wait for the next competition!

Oh, and in case you guys were interested, here is a list of products I used:

-Too Faced Shadow insurance
-Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue
-Eve Pearl Moisturizing Primer
-Some cheap foundation from my school kit
-Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows in Love+ and Buttercup
-Inglot eyeshadow in 63
-Sugarpill Loose shadows in Stella, Asylum, and Goldilux
-Wet N Wild Blush in Mellow Wine
-OCC Lip Tar in Harlot (mixed with Stella)
-Nail Art Rhinestones
-No name lashes


  1. Awesome! Congrats for winning first place. This must feel great. I love the theme and the look that you guys came up with...That was very creative.

  2. Congratulations! And awesome job, you each did amazing work, and I love that even though there were three of you doing completely different aspects, each part really comes together to work as a whole.

  3. What a pain that the model was late, but GOOD JOB on pulling it off and getting first place! I have never seen those foundations before. Will you do a post on them?

    1. Sure thing! I'm going to be away from home for about a month but when I get back, I'll test them on different people!

  4. Well done! I can definitely associate a volcano in the makeup! and the nails!!! my goodness! never seen anything like that! :o))

  5. Congratulations on being 1st place! She looked amazing! :) Loooove the nails!