Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 2012 Empties!

I always enjoy reading other people's monthly empties posts, so I thought it I would start doing them as well.   On one hand, it makes absolutely no sense for me to do these posts because I rarely finish products.  On the other hand, it may push me to use up my products that are nearly empty or need to be used.  So I'll try this out for a while and see how it goes.

For the month of June, I finished an entire THREE products.  Woohoo!  Sounds pathetic but it really is an accomplishment for me.

I had a few of these partially used makeup removers lying around, so I just used them up.  This is currently my favorite makeup remover as it it inexpensive, effective, and I use tons of it.

Ah, baby wipes.  Not just a baby mama's best friend.  I use this to wipe down my hands if they get grimy with makeup, or to break down my face makeup before I go in with a cleanser.  I never use these for disinfecting or as a main source of makeup removal, as they are ineffective for either.

And that's it!  Short and sweet.  Definitely hoping to use up more products in the month of July.  We'll see!


  1. Woo, congratulations! I'm horrible at finishing products, too... I *never* finish makeup (ok, sometimes... but only when I put my mind to it), and I only really finish things like face wash, soap, deodorant, etc... I am trying to get better about finishing lotions and shower gel before I open a new one, but I like switching around between products too much!

  2. Wow- It's been a while since I finish anything and i try! I keep seeing all these blog posts on empty bottles...I should try harder lol. =-)