Wednesday, July 4, 2012

FOTD: Lisa Eldridge Metallic Smoky Eye

Hello everyone!  Happy Independence Day!  I hope everyone is having a safe, but fun filled day whether you celebrate this day or no.  My sister pulled me into doing a 5k mayor's race which ended up being 12k or so because we walked back home.  I then collapsed on my bed and slept for three hours.

I'm so very behind in posting.  I only have a couple of makeup-related events going on but it seems like a million when stacked on top of school and work.  And of course, I want to share everything with you guys.

I was invited to do makeup for one of the artists featured in June's RAW event.  Across the United States, RAW artist events are held and sponsored by local businesses to showcase artists in all shapes and form.  For more information, you can visit  The artist I was doing makeup for was Tovah Perrin, creater of Le Petit Hat Company.  I will post more about this event later.  Tovah asked me to do some smoky eyes and red lips for her and her models.  I found my own versions of smoky eyes a little boring so I searched the interwebz for something more exciting.  I practiced this look on myself and one of my classmates (not pictured)  because this was my first fashion show and I REALLY wanted to do a good job.

My search led me to Lisa Eldridge's tutorial on metallic smoky eyes, which absolutely stunning on her model but quite dark and unrefined on me.

.....I don't remember T___T

-Inglot eyeshadows in 63M and DS 500
-Micabella loose eyeshadow in Bronze
-Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow in Goldilux
-Inglot AMC Gel Liner in 77
-L'oreal Waterproof Carbon Black Mascara

-Inglot lipstick in 264

Here is the original tutorial if you were interested:


  1. Oh wow, I love your remake of her's brilliant, you've placed your shadows so well, it looks so amazing on you.

  2. the smokey eye looks great on you, you look like such a vixen :D

  3. I really like this look on you! Very pretty :)

  4. gorgeous! i love lisa eldridge she's so inspiring and so talented.

  5. Very nice! and i love the lipstick!