Friday, July 6, 2012

My first CosmoProf haul!

Whee!  I'm so excited!  On Thursday I finally had a chance to get my CosmoProf membership, which is a beauty supply store for professionals only in the U.S.  I've tried obtaining membership at the San Leandro store a few weeks ago but the customer service was definitely not the best and I was told that my transcript was invalid.  I visited the Albany location on Thursday and the customer service was phenomenal.  Not only did I get my membership , but the employee there (Lariiyana, I think her name was) extended it way past my graduation date.  She was also super helpful and knowledgeable about the different products I inquired about.  Even though the Albany location is a bit further than the San Leandro location, I will definitely be returning there.

Anyways, I had only about 20 minutes in the store because some classmates and I were shopping for an upcoming hair show competition (this Monday, eek!).  CosmoProf was only one of the many stops we had to make.  Of course, I ran for the styling products and stocked up on a bunch of things from various companies that I wanted to try.  I knew I wanted to get some flexible hairspray, some salon quality shampoo and conditioning as I've never used any before, and something from Sebastian as I've heard amazing things about their products.  I got that and a lot more.

I saw this set of shampoo and conditioner on sale.  Since I was paying salon prices (as opposed to consumer prices), it cost just a little more than what I pay for Head and Shoulders, which is what I usually use.

I found an Aquage transforming spray duo on sale as well and grabbed that.  I currently use it and I love it so far so I decided to get back up even though I have tons left.  The Paul Mitchell finishing spray caught my eye because it was really inexpensive.  I also got a huge refill bottle of  the Kenra thermal spray I fell in love with.  I grabbed a flexible hold hairspray from Sebastian just to try it out.  The styling cream all the way to the right is something Lariiyana raved about.  She suggested I use some of this creme product instead of/with thermal spray because she said it held styles a lot better be they long or short.

Lariiyana also threw a whole bunch of samples into my bag!  She asked me to choose between the dry shampoo and beach spray and I chose the former, but she threw all this into my bag.  She was so sweet!  I didn't realize how much she gave me till I got home, but I did thank her many times for her time and recommendations.

I can't wait to try out these products!  Right now I'm focusing all my energy on the hair show competition (More on that in another post!  I still need to tell you guys about the fashion show I took part in!).  After Monday, hopefully I can start playing with all this awesome stuff!

Have you guys ever been to CosmoProf?  What are your favorite salon hair products?

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  1. Great haul, I can't wait to hear how you like these products! I have never been to a CosmoProf, but there's actually one right around the corner from my house! I need to make friends with someone who can get me in :D
    And yay for samples!