Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Sasa Haul

I made my first purchase on a while back when I became a little obsessed with using masks.  My Beauty Diary Masks were something I have been curious about for the longest time, so I looked around to see if  which site offered the best prices.  Between ebay, amazon, and sasa, Sasa had the best prices.  They are based in China, and offer free international shipping on purchases of $75 USD or more.

The site itself is easy enough to navigate.  It's checking out that gives me a bit of grief.  Every time I tried to change the recipient country from China to USA, the site would automatically change it back to China.  I also could have sworn I had chosen standard shipping, but apparently my order was due for expedited shipping and its additional $8 charge.  It was such a lovely surprise when a representative personally contacted me saying that they had noticed my address wasn't based in China, and that I had opted for expedited shipping (>:O!).  My order was put on hold for the mean time until I confirmed everything.  I promptly sent back an email asking for standard shipping and to confirm my address.  My order confirmation came a few days later, and my package was shipped one week afterwards, and arrived about 4 days after it was sent.  Not too bad for an international order.

I purchased a box of cooling masks, cherry blossom masks, strawberry yogurt masks, aloe masks, red wine masks, and earl grey tea macaroon masks.  I needed $0.60 more for free shipping so I also purchased a eyelash case.  The fake lipstick was a free gift.  I thought it was real until it arrived :'(.

Unfortunately, all the descriptions for the masks are in Chinese, and my Chinese is too crappy to be able to understand all of it.  Either way, I'm excited to use them, and give my dry, patchy skin a treat.

Have you guys ever used any of these before?  What types of masks do you like to use?


  1. I haven't used any sheet masks before and am scared of shopping on an international site (weird, I know) but when I go to NYC with Anna we are going to stop at the Asian/Korean stores and I will get my goodies there :-D

  2. Ooh, the masks sound really nice! I've never really tried them, but I think I may just buy some with my next Sasa order!

    Love the eyelash case too!

    Amy Xx

  3. These look like so much fun, I can't wait to hear how you like them. I love the way bergamot smells, so I would be all over that Earl Grey one!

  4. NICE haul!!! I love asian masks. I want to order from them too...maybe sometime in the near future. That kinda sucks that they sent you a fake lipsticks.

  5. I like masks for sitting in the bath on my day off. Are these paper masks? I've always wanted to try one of those.