Friday, August 19, 2011

Urban Decay Super Sale Haul!

I ordered my goodies 3 days ago and they arrived today!  Talk about fast shipping!  I haven't even taken the products out of the packaging yet but I really wanted to share with you guys all the things I got from the sale.  I may not be keeping everything for myself so I may not be doing swatches for all the items in future posts.

Here's what I got:

-Liquid Liners in Roach and Ecstasy
-Single shadows in Green Goddess and Half Baked
-Cream Shadows in Whipped, Suburbia, Mushroom, Radium, Sphynx, Asphalt, Delinquent, Grass, Rehab, and Weeds.

So yeah....I have been a cream shadow whore lately.  And everything here cost me $55 including tax.

It's not too late to shop the sale, by the way.  Click here to shop!


  1. WUARGH!!!!! you got the entire cream shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like you made out like a bandit. I have never tried UD cream shadows but you'll have to let us know if they are good... unless the reason for the super sale is them being discontinued??

  3. @Nicole--Yup, I think I may have gotten the whole collection.

    @Mandy--I think that actually may be the reason why they're on sale. I don't see them on Sephora's site anymore so it's either now or never =/ I have heard nothing but good about the cream shadows and I wore one today which actually lasted pretty well on me. I hope to do a full review later this week!

    @Vijii--Thanks :D!

  4. Oh man, Sphynx is one of my all-time favorites... May have to run and order one if they are still in stock! Awesome haul, congrats!

  5. Aaah! Wish urban decay had a uk site and a uk sale! Those cream shadows - I have heard very good things. You lucky girl!xx

  6. SWEEEET HAUL! Please, if you would, do a review of the cream eyeshdows. I've been eyeballing them like crazy for like, a YEAR, but cream eyeshadows and I tend to not get along. I'd love to hear how they wear before I try any of them.

  7. Working on a review on those cream shadows! I'm still testing them out!