Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sleek Haul!

Sleek is a much talked about brand amongst the blogging world, and it is generally only available in the UK. also ships internationally but the shipping price is quite pricey at $13.50.  I headed over to an ebay buyer as recommended by Claire and made a purchase from VanityPalace.  Apparently the prices on the Sleek products are cheaper and the service is better than that of's.  I can't do a comparison but my order came to California within a week of payment which is super fast!  Not even Sephora delivers that quickly.  I think in the end though I may have paid the same amount of shipping, but that's okay.  That's what happens when you try to acquire makeup from another country.  My total with shipping was about $38 USD.  Here's what I got:

Curacao palette, Pixie Pink Blush, and Santorini Blush
The flash killed the brightness of both blushes.  When I have proper lighting again and space to work,  I'll provide swatches and a review. Sigh.  That will be a while from now.  I don't even know where I put these products.  They're somewhere in the midst of my piles of boxes and things.

The Curacao palette and Santorini Blush are both limited edition so if they tickle your fancy, pick them up fast!


  1. Thank you for listing the seller you purchased from! I have been wanting Sleek for awhile but also did not want to pay their international shipping. Can't wait for your swattttcheeeessss!

  2. I wish I'd picked up the Curacao palette, but I know I have too much eyeshadow already that I don't use :( I've been on a blush kick lately though and I don't have that many, so I allowed myself to pick up Santorini and Aruba from ebay!