Thursday, August 4, 2011

FOTD Picture Dump + Other News

I've got a whole lot to say about future blog posts and all that jazz but I'm going to start out with some past FOTDS.  There are four total, one of which was just for fun and the others were more work appropriate.  I'm back at my parents' house for a while so I'm having difficulty dishing out posts the way I would like to.  More on that later!

I'm really sad that my camera didn't pick up the colors the way I wanted to =/ But here is a look I did to match a vest I was wearing that day.  You can still see the rug burn on my face lol.

And these are all for work:

Now I know why people like to do this "pop of color." It's
so easy and it looks nice!

This look seems similar but it's actual more of a bridal look
with pink on the lid and brown in the crease.

And here is my go to smoky neutral look

Sorry for not having a list of products used.  I am moving things back and forth between my apartment and my parents' home and things are all over the place--including my makeup! I used mostly Inglot eyeshadows for these looks and I don't have those eyeshadows with me right now so I can't look up the names!  I didn't want to wait till I could get a hold on them before posting these looks because I've been waiting to get organized for days already and the more I wait, the more there needs to be done.  I'm just all over the place right now, and I'm sorry for the scattered brain posts.  I figured this would be better than no posts at all!

So again, I'm going to be at my parents' place for a while.  I really have no space of my own to do makeup the way I want to, so everything is going to be scattered for a while.  I won't have space to photograph things properly.  It'll be harder to record videos, and items that I used for looks, etc.  All around it will be harder to do anything that has to do with makeup.  I get enough shit at home for wearing makeup, so I will be keeping things fairly natural (and boring =/).  Again, I do apologize.

I also promised you guys my mother's backflip story.  There's actually not much to it.  Whenever my mom's back hurts, I do this thing for her where we're back to back and lock arms.  And then I bend over slowly and she lets her weight drop so that it kinda pulls on her back.  This time, however, I bent down a little too low and my mom thought it would be fun to kick her legs around.  It was a stupid move because she ended up flipping over my head.  I knelt to my knees so the fall would not be as hard, but the weight was too much and I fell on my face as well.  I turned my head to the side so that I wouldn't be hitting the floor head on with my forehead.  My mom tumbled over and was slightly shaken but not hurt.  I got the worst of it, which was not too bad save for some rug burn on my knees and left cheek.

All this moving and doing paperwork for my graduation is really exhausting me.  It kind of depresses me how I can't spend more time on my blog and with makeup, but I will do my best.  I hope all of you are otherwise doing much better.

Till next time~


  1. Both very nice looks. I really like the green.

    Also I love cracking my back like that lol... but what an odd story!

  2. I hate when cameras don't pick things up.

    Also, good luck with the graduation paperwork!

  3. Pretty, pretty! The smokey neutral and bridal looks are my favourites.

    I don't know whether to be like 'OMG D:' or laugh at your backflip story, I just get this hilarious visual of your mum flailing her legs around and giggling. I'm sure it didn't go down like that though. XD

    Good luck and congrats on the graduation stuff!

  4. Thank you ladies! And I suppose the story is something to giggle about now that I look back. Especially since my face has healed now xD

  5. LOL to the backflip story (well it's not funny that anyone got hurt, you know what I mean!) I enjoyed your work looks roundup, you have some nice variety! I always find that I'm doing the same thing over and over again for work.

  6. i love your eyes! Youre good with makeup!