Saturday, October 29, 2011

EOTD: Mineral Makeup Playdate

I desperately need either better lighting, a better camera, or both.  Because I am getting sick and tired of not being able to capture my makeup the way I see it.

Anyways, I have a drawer full of beautiful pigments and mineral makeup that I don't ever use because it's messy and takes too long to apply.  A couple days ago I found time to dive into this drawer and slap some colors together for a look.  I personally REALLY liked the look and was so excited to show it to y'all.  Upon taking pictures, however, I was super duper disappointed.  Here's why:

The makeup was a lot more pigmented and brighter in person.  Oh, and I also didn't have any foundation on so there are no full face photos.  All eyeshadows were applied dry.  Anybody have tips for applying pigments?  I don't know when to use them wet, what kind of base to put underneath (especially since I don't own the legendary eye pixie poxie), etc.

-UDPP in Sin
-Black Rose Minerals e/s in Royal Orchid on the lid
-Spellbound e/s in Lagoon on outer corner of eye
-Spellbound e/s in Shroom in inner corner of eye
-MicaBella e/s in Luck o' the Irish in crease
-Stila smudgepot in Violet
-Stila e/l in Topaz
-Milani liquifeye pencil in Black
-L'oreal Extra Collagen Mascara


  1. hm, how are the daylight for you? I use flash standing near the window. and when days are rainy or cloudy the pics always get darker. when that happens I change the settings of the flash to make it brighter. However with that fact, the flash can hit the browbone real hard and just make it appear white, so you have to consider the space between your face and the cam.
    Maybe you're already doing this, and want more but it was just a thought. There are so many adjustments in the camera one just have to go through 'cause often you don't know what it is!

  2. I love that you are not afraid to use colors. I would suggest fluorescent light bulb if you need better lighting. Otherwise, try to play with the settings in your camera. The settings that you use also makes a difference in how the pictures turn out.

  3. Neat look! I think it looks great with all of the different colours! I don't know if I have any tips for applying pigments. I find that sometimes what I do works and sometimes it doesn't, it's all been trial and (lots of) error for me!