Monday, October 31, 2011

Attention makeup artists! Help please!

Hello beautiful people!  I have a dilemma the size of Africa right now and I need all your input!

As you all know, I'm an aspiring makeup artist with very very little experience under my belt.  I've only been doing makeup more seriously in the past two years, but I know for certain that it is my calling.  I've done makeup  here and there on classmates and friends, but never a real job.

So today is Halloween (HAPPY HALLOWEENIE EVERYONE!).  I put more emphasis on my makeup than my costume and I look like some sort of possessed....person (I'll post pictures later!).  I was at work today serving ice cream to this woman and she tells me how much she likes my makeup.  I cheerfully thank her and tell her that I am an aspiring makeup artist.  She keeps telling me how pretty my makeup was and how she really liked it and at this point I'm like "uhh......"

She then tells she's like to hire me to do makeup parties for her business.  She gives me her card and asks me to call her and talk about rates and those sorts of details......

I'm still freaking out.  Wow!  A job offer!  I was so excited!  And I'm also so very terrified because I don't know what to do!  Her clients are probably women of all ages!  What if they don't like color?  What if they're older women??  Not that I don't want to do makeup on them, but I really don't know if the techniques are the same!  Would I have to supply all the makeup?  Am I teaching?  Am I applying the makeup?  I am so TERRIFIED of disappointing people!  TERRIFIED!  How much should I charge?  I don't want to charge too much because I'm not official yet.  But I don't want to charge too little and get stepped on.

I'm going to talk to my teacher tomorrow and ask.  But gosh, I want to do this so bad!

Anyone have any tips for the business side of things? =(  I could really use your help!

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  1. Heyyy congrats on the job offer! That is soooo neat, lol. This is a great opportunity and I would be freaking out too if I were you. Anyways, you'll be fine. You should probably call a few local places that do makeup and ask them how much they charge just so you get an idea. Good luck and keep us posted. I'd like to hear how things go for you.