Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Conversation with My Dad

Me: *testing out a liquid eyeliner on the back of my hand*
Dad: What are you testing out now?
Me: It's something you put on your eye.  But it keeps smudging on me and takes forever to dry.
Dad:  Just blow on it, and it'll dry faster.
Me: Yeah, but I can't blow on it once I put it on my eye.
Dad:  Use a blowdryer.
Me: .....

That conversation just made me giggle, and I don't know who would get a kick out of this joke more than us beauty bloggers so I just had to share this with you guys :)


  1. LOL does he even know how hot a blow dryer gets? Even with a lower setting you could end up melting the rest of your makeup haha.

  2. as a sidenote, Dita Von Teese uses a small chinese fan to dry her eyeliner. copyable? I certainly hope so.

  3. @ Mandy: He is bald, so probably not. LOL!

    @ Suzanne: That's brilliant! I have a couple of those lying around actually so now I finally have a use for them!

  4. bwahaha! this really gave me a good laugh! made my!

  5. haha yeah because dad's never really gets it. imagine every girl sitting every morning with closed eyes with the blow-dryer at full wack just to get the eyeliner to dry.... hilarious!

  6. Reason number 100000000000 why dad's are freakin' awesome!

  7. LOL when coupled with the story about your mum doing the backflip, you have the funniest parents XD