Sunday, September 25, 2011

FOTD: Royalty

I should be ashamed of myself.  I haven't blogged for so long that I forgot how to  take proper pictures of my makeup.  Ugh.

At least I finally have a post up.  I have been so busy since school started that I actually started using a makeup bag (never had one before!) so that I could do my makeup in class, and essentially put on the same makeup everyday.  Needless to say, I hated it.  There's no love or creativity in putting on makeup for functional purposes.  During my undergrad, I hardly put on makeup for school because I didn't want to rush it, but I figured that if I didn't put on makeup in a cosmetology program, I would look like I didn't belong.  Well, I actually don't really belong there because makeup is not a big part of the program apparently and I have zero experience in hair, nails, and skincare.  Joy.


Back to the FOTD.  This is a look from Saturday, because I would not have the time to put on something like this on a weekday when I have class.  I desperately needed some color as I have been slapping on neutrals for the past three weeks, but still had to remain presentable for work.  I settled for gold and purples, colors that remind me of my junior high school colors and royalty, hence the title.

I really hate how photography highlights the discoloration around my lips.  Fie upon thee.

-Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer in Medium
-Laura Mercier Setting Powder
-NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny
-MAC Mineralize Blush in Feeling Flushed

-UD e/s in Oraculum, Queen, Curiouser, and Jabberwocky (from UD Alice in Wonderland BoS)
-Too Faced e/s in Heaven and Silk Teddy
-Inglot e/s in AMC 73
-UD 24/7 Liner in Perversion

-NARS lipgloss in All Night Long

I went out to dinner with some friends Thursday night, and I didn't have time to redo my makeup.  So instead I threw on a red lipstick and ran out the door.  Aside from the red lipstick, this is what I usually wear to class. The products are not even worth mentioning.  Haha.

Like I said, plain and bland.  I am ITCHING to do something bright, fun, and totally not wearable.  Maybe I'll do that in class if I have time.  That way I can get credit for it.  Bwahahahahahaha!!!

It feels great to be blogging again. :)


  1. Are you in a cosmetology program right now??

  2. I missed your posts. You look gorgeous, lady!

  3. Love the gold lid shade. And wtf your hair is so shiny and pretty, NOT FAIR :(


    And yes, Mandy! I am enrolled in a cosmetology program right now!

  5. Congrats on being enrolled as a cosmo!! Best of luck. Stick it out the whole way through. It can be rough and sometimes you may want to quit, but it is worth it in the end!!

  6. Thanks, Mandy! Gosh it's such hard work though, especially since I have never had my hair or nails done or seen it done! I think about giving up a lot, especially since I wanted to do makeup and there is not much makeup involved. You said you were formally trained--do you mean you've done the cosmo program? If so, how was it?

  7. Gorgeous looks! I ADORE purple and gold together!