Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vegas Trip, Mini Inglot Haul, and Inglot News...(picture heavy!)

Hey friends~

I hope you're all doing well.  I've been a bit disconnected from the blogging world.  Had some ups and downs here and there and it's not over yet.  I have a few partially finished posts laying around that I really have to finish up and share with everyone, and I'll do that as soon as possible now that I have a bit more time.  This will just be a short filler post until then.

I went to Las Vegas last weekend to see a good friend of mine and experience the wonders of Sin City.  I've mentioned him before in a previous post.  He's the one that is in the airforce and will be leaving for Korea soon.  I was a crappy blogger and totally did not think to take pictures of my makeup.  Boooo.  Here are a few pictures from the trip though.

Tony's cat Sashi.  I'm usually not a big fan of cats but this guy is funny haha.

Tony and I will be sending a sketchbook back and forth.  Here is the first drawing by yours truly, and it's funny cause Tony can't eat vegetables.

Slot machines in a grocery's redonkadonk.

Inside The Venetian!  Isn't it beautiful?

Tony and I dressed for a night of clubbing :)

Architecture of The Venetian.

Props to whoever can guess what this statue is.  

Looking a little sheepish haha.

My hand actually was covered completely with swatches.

Beautiful sunset.

What Las Vegas is known for.

The Bellagio.

I wonder how many of you scrolled down to see what I got from INGLOT when you saw the pictures up there lol.  It was difficult but I managed to settle with a 5 pan square palette.  Tony then stuck my wallet in his shorts and refused to let me pay for it.  Probably because I had sneakily paid for lunch.  We Asians are damn good at fighting for the bill hahahha.  But without further ado, here is the beauty:

L to R: 395P, 422P, D.S. 459, D.S. 500, AMC Shine 47
I have this hoarding problem.  I have hoarded a bunch of INGLOT products but have barely used them.  I should do a collective INGLOT post soon so I can re-examine everything and actually use this stuff.  So some time after I finish all the half finished posts I have lying around, I will hop to that!

ANDDDD....I've saved the best for last.  I hope you guys have been following me through this post.  I talked to the sales associate at the Town Center INGLOT and asked her about the price hike that EVERYONE has been freaking out about.  Apparently, that's not happening any time soon.  They were going to do it, but decided to keep prices the same.  Keep in mind that I did not talk to a representative, but to one of the employees so I don't know exactly how reliable this information is.  However, I figured an employee would probably know better than some of us beauty bloggers.

That's all for now!  I hope to get back to rolling out blogs more consistently.  Thanks so much for staying with me!

Lots of love,


  1. I'd love to see more of your Inglot products! I was just poking around their website, since I'm going to Vegas in August and have never seen any of their stuff in person... I'm excited!