Sunday, September 9, 2012

Help! Blog Pics Overload!

Hey everyone!

I have quite a few posts lined up but....I can't post anymore pictures!  Apparently with blogger, I only get 1 gig of space for pictures, and I don't know how to (or if it's even possible) to delete pictures from the Picasso album so that I can upload new ones.  Is there any other way to upload directly?  Or must I go on photobucket or some other picture hosting site, upload my pictures there, and link them here?  What route do you guys take.  Let me know which one you prefer!

Thanks in advance!  And when I figure things out, more stuff to come soon!


  1. i use photobucket myself, i only use the blogger photo function when i have a pic that gigantic and people will need to click it to see more detail. photobucket's not difficult when you get the hang of it. :) good luck.

  2. I have a premium Photobucket account which allows me to make folders (easy to organize photos w/ a folder per post) and it has unlimited bandwidth. There have been a few issues recently (they are changing their design) so I have used my pro Flickr account for photos when I couldn't use Photobucket.

    While both have free account options, I buy premium/pro for the sake of bandwidth primarily. :-)

  3. Oh no! I kept getting this message on a brand new blog's 2nd post (my Disney one... haha I think I only have three posts total) and then it magically went away. I still haven't hit my "limit" on Bower of Blisse, and it seems like I probably *should* have. I'm not very blogger savvy, but moral of the story is that this seems consistent, Blogger is unhelpful, and if you find a good solution... Please share :) Good luck, I miss seeing your posts in my feed!

  4. wow that is a bummer. I haven't hit that limit yet and now I'm dreading for when the day happens. I guess you gonna have to upload it on another site and link it to your blog. That is still a pain though. Good luck!

  5. I hit the limit and there was an option to pay $5 per year for additional storage, which I did. However, there are monthly storage plans now which are more expensive. You might want to go with a different account such as a photobucket or something of that nature.